A Victim No More

The Practice

You may choose to watch the video or follow the directions below.

  • Find a pencil with an eraser.
  • Draw a triangle and label the points V, P, and R, then set it aside.
  • Identify someone you believe has caused you stress or disappointment.
  • Describe how you judge this individual and what you want from each other.
  • Who is the victim and who is the persecutor? Is there a rescuer who is or should be coming to help?
  • Record the names on the triangle you’ve drawn at the V, P, and R points.
  • Now try another layout. Move the names around. Ask which scheme is “right.”
  • Are you sure?
  • Now erase the triangle and the names.
  • Does it change the way you feel?
  • How does it change your relationships?

Describe your practice and the discoveries you made.