Breathing with Awareness

The Practice

Before you begin, read through the practice. Find a quiet space and about ten minutes for yourself. After you practice a few times you will be able to use breath awareness anywhere and anytime.

  • You are already breathing. Close your eyes and simply bring your awareness to it.
  • Feel the movement of air in your nose and throat. Notice your chest, ribs, and belly expand and then release.
  • Welcome this life-giving movement of energy. Say “hello” and notice how your breath responds. What does your breath feel like? Does it have more ease, depth, or length as it travels in and out of your body?
  • Acknowledge the importance of your lungs, diaphragm, and ribs.
  • Say “thank you” to each of them.
  • Notice any shift in how you feel as you breathe with awareness. How do you feel? More peaceful or alive?

Write about your experience.