I couldn’t resist taking this picture.  I was in awe of the blue blueness of the sky and the white wispiness of the clouds.  Those are silly adjectives but there are none that really describe the AWE I felt watching these clouds dance across the sky. How would you describe “awe?” I feel it as the sensations of stillness, expansiveness, connection to something bigger, wonder, joy, and gratitude all wrapped into one delicious moment. That’s a lot!

These clouds sent me into awe. So does the smell and feel of early morning air, a vast field of lavender, and the open-heartedness of hugs from my grandboys. And the cool thing about awe is that I DO nothing to come by it. It’s right in front of me, waiting for me to show up with an open heart, ready to receive. Life is generous with these moments, and I am humbled by its endless supply of gifts.

In these chaotic and uncertain times, we neglect our capacity to be awed.  May I invite you to stop, be still, notice, and let the awe rush in. Let the richness of your awesome moment nourish and renew you. Let it humble you with its power and generosity. Live upward!