Living Upward is a practical, profound and life-changing movement toward deeper awareness, clear purpose, and greater joy and connection.

Living Upward

Do you believe that who you are is defined by the work you do, the care you give and the tasks you manage?
Are you ready to change that, to break free and discover, not a new identity, but your true identity?

Join the Movement

  • Make choices that truly empower us
  • Question outdated beliefs with kindness and care
  • Create a sure path to thriving
  • Generate a life of gratitude and abundance
  • Open up to new possibilities for who we want to be and how we want to live

Featured Offerings

June 2024 Gathering

Monthly deep dive into
Living Upward

Date: Tuesday, June 25, 2024
Time: 7:00 – 8:15 pm EDT
Place: Zoom
Cost: FREE!

After Rain

The book that inspired the
Living Upward Movement.

New Book!

The Guide to Living Upward:
A Companion to After Rain

Now Available for Pre-Order!
Coming late July 2024!

Living Upward is a movement into consciousness and community where we discover we can show up in life with the intention to live it fully. We connect with deeper compassion, give in the spirit of abundance and generosity, and participate in a life larger than our own.
With courage and curiosity we begin to question our lifetime of beliefs, welcome new possibilities for how we live and love, and commit to a life of greater joy and purpose.
And, thus, we live upward and change the world.

Susan Maycock is a visionary. She writes with an awareness of herself in the world, of the rightness of natural change, of the power of place, and of nourishing wisdom that doesn’t overwhelm or preach. She brings you gently along in her observations of seasons, of spiritual alterations, and of the enormous power of the open spirit. Her book, After Rain, honors both natural and spiritual realms, joins them together with intelligence and wit, and offers the reader a gentle logic, easily absorbed and instantly usable. Each of her splendid tiny essays is a foray into heart and mind that will stay with you, season your own thoughts, and open your eyes. It’s a lasting book, a take-it-with-you-wherever book. A wonderful read.


C o n t a c t  M e


If you have questions, want to schedule an event or to let me know your thoughts on living upward, I am happy to hear from you.



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