After Rain and The Guide to Living Upward: A Companion to After Rain are gifts from my heart to yours. May they inspire and guide you on your way to Living Upward.

Living Upward Pathways

After Rain inspires us with wisdom, stories, art from the natural world and Susan’s life experience. The readings encourage us to reflect on our own life experience and ground us in greater gratitude, purpose, and joy. Its companion, The Guide to Living Upward builds a practical framework we can use to apply that wisdom in our everyday lives. Prompts, motivational practices, and space to journal are provided.

Together, these two books form a cohesive resource that inspires and guides us in our personal movement to live upward and in a collective movement to create a more conscious world.

Explore on your own, invite a friend or join a group and share the experience with others. All are welcome.

Within the pages of After Rain are four fundamental truths at the heart of Living Upward:
    • Living an intentional life is essential to living a purposeful one.
    • Purpose is essential to a meaningful life.
    • At the heart of meaning is the giving and receiving of love.
    • And through that love we become connected to a greater good, and find our place to belong.
The Guide is a practical and profound resource for all of us who seek the answers to some of life’s most challenging questions:
    • Why is it so hard to change my behaviors?
    • Can I ever forgive myself?
    • What makes someone spiritual? Am I?
    • Who are my people and where do I belong?
    • Is it possible for me to thrive?
    • What does my heart want me to know?

After Rain

As I sat down to write After Rain I had choices to make about who I would BE as this great endeavor unfolded. These would be the guiding forces and inspiration for all that I would create and do. I chose to fill my effort with ease, to be kind to myself as I committed my ideas to words, and to be heart-centered and ever conscious that this was a gift of gratitude to all who had touched my life. It was at this moment, when I aligned who I am with what I do, I understood that I was Living Upward and the movement was born.

The Guide To Living Upward

The Guide takes us on a journey of discovery into how we can show up for ourselves, make conscious choices, let go of old patterns and thrive in our community of caring. With greater self-love, compassion and forgiveness we find the freedom to welcome new possibilities for how we want to live and love.

This book is a guide, a journal, and a collection of simple practice and guided meditations that can transform our everyday lives. Readings from After Rain are suggested throughout the book, and definitions from The Living Upward Dictionary help us explore language in a whole new way. These remarkable resources are designed to enrich and deepen the living upward experience.

Susan’s book is to be savored, like a quiet time-out in the day.  I love that every “thought” is presented on two pages and her photos and art work put me in a peaceful mindset as I settle myself in for a new little nugget of insight. It’s a pick-me-up, or a way to get out of my own head when I’m feeling distracted. I love this book and it will be my gift to my favorite people this year.