Are you ready for a science lesson?  I want to share what I know about imaginal cells and what they have to do with our lives on Planet Earth during these changing times.

After a caterpillar spins a chrysalis around itself, it begins to feed on its own body, eating itself until it’s destroyed, leaving behind nothing but a gooey mush of dormant cells, all with identical DNA. These are called imaginal cells, and each one is encoded with the same precise timing for an unprecedented transformation. When that time comes, these cells begin to communicate  through a shared vibrational pattern, that causes them to merge and form new life. They are literally encoded with the task of imagining into existence a totally new life-form, the butterfly. When these cells join they are recreating life, transforming its purpose and its destiny.

At this moment in time, in our history, are we imaginal cells, too? Is the timing right for our own unprecedented transformation?  Are we the dormant carriers of a new order, born from the destruction of a decaying form? Do we, too, have the capacity to unite with one another and to transform our humanity, to take flight and pollinate new ideas that can yield a better world? I believe it’s in our DNA and that it is our destiny, too.

Are you ready?