I have mixed feelings about the end of Summer. I’m tired of the heat and endless supply of zucchinis. I grieve the loss of sunlight, and yet I’m in a hurry to feel the cool crisp air on my face and to fall asleep buried under a warm and weighty pile of blankets.

But living in COVID times has slowed me down, and I find I’m content this year to linger in this season of late summer. I listen to hummingbirds dart across the yard in search of the last of the nectar that will fuel their journey south. Rosehips have ripened on the rose bushes, and I wonder will this be the year I harvest them to make my own tea. And strangely, I linger even in the anticipation of change that fills the air. And as I do, I happily keep wearing my sandals.

Miraculously, I feel no rush, no need to change what is. I’m happily steeped in the fullness of the moment and the sensory pleasure it brings. And I find I’m grateful too, for the potency in each moment. I want to weep for joy at the light and shadows formed by the lowering arc of the sun, and the last of the unbearably delicious peaches from our tree. I’m grateful for summer’s bounty and the delight I feel in sharing it with others. And, did I mention my sandals?

And here in the these late summer moments I discover there is nothing to complain about, nothing to reject or resist, or rush towards. I have only to relish this time of year and enjoy the slow and steady meander back to my sock drawer once again.

What about you?  Where will you linger and what will you savor, right now, in this awesome moment and in moments to come.