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Living Upward begins when we spiral inward and explore how to accept and love who we are without criticism or self-judgment. We learn to think less and feel more. Our hearts open and we love and appreciate who we truly are.
With our new awareness, we spiral outward into the everyday rhythms of our lives and discover every choice we make and interaction we have is an opportunity to live upward.
We make true choices about who we want to be and fuel our interactions with kindness and generosity And thus, we generate greater good will for all.
We will always feel challenged by our own uncertainty, fear, and reluctance to change. Yet these challenges are integral to our practice too. And when we hesitate or even fail, we will practice self-forgiveness and continue on.
This is the journey upward.

I answered the call to Live Upward following a 6 week series of virtual classes Susan hosted. In the three years that have passed since then, I feel like Susan has given me the secret decoder ring to living a meaningful life. To genuinely embrace both the beauty and the struggle of being a human while inviting all your lost pieces home is the call to Live Upward. I am grateful everyday that I answered.

Donna L

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