After Rain

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After Rain is a beautifully bound hard or soft cover book filled with inspirational stories and images to guide you toward Living Upward.

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8 reviews for After Rain

  1. Johanna

    After Rain is so beautifully written and, like a book of poetry, it can be opened and read daily for inspiration.

  2. Jeannine Doyle

    Susan’s book After Rain is exquisite on every level.
    It’s rare to find a book that can open one’s heart on such a deep and expansive level.
    Her photos add a sense of beauty and calmness of spirit to her words.
    It is a must read for all of us on life’s ever evolving journey.
    Jeannine Doyle
    Author of Love Notes from the Divine and Hand to Hand, Voice to Voice
    Children Living with Crohn’s and Colitis.

  3. Kin Bolz

    Susan’s book is like a time out in the day to be savored. I love that every “thought” is presented on two pages and her photos and art work put you in a peaceful mindset as you settle yourself in for a calming, thought provoking break. Little nuggets of insight. I love this book and it will be a present for my favorite people this year.

  4. AA

    Vivid photos and thought-provoking insight!

  5. Saralee Hofrichter

    A delightful, insightful, inspirational, beautiful book!

  6. Rebecca Bleecher

    After Rain is a book of beauty and wisdom filled with profound teachings shared through intimate, personal experiences. I have enjoyed using this book as an Oracle, asking what teaching would be helpful for my day, randomly opening the book, then seeing how the inspiration magically guides my day. This is a book that allows the reader and viewer to delve as deep as they choose into personal exploration. The exquisite images are a perfect complement to the stories.

  7. Susan

    Thank you, Johanna.

  8. Kaia Jackson

    I love this book-it’s sitting on the table beside me right now. It’s full of beautiful & spiritually grounded insights- a balm for the soul. Thanks for sharing your gifts with the world, Susan Maycock!

  9. Alan

    I love everything about this book!!

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