When I arrived for a visit with my three-year old grandson, Birch, he was stamping his feet, hiding in the corner and whining that today is “the worst day of my life.” I get it. Bad moments can quickly become bad days. And it all happens when our thoughts and emotions trap us into one point of view and then there we are, victims of a “ruined” day.

But Birch, like most three year-olds, is resilient and eager to enjoy life, so within minutes he was out of the corner, wildly curious and eager to be happy and engaged in whatever the moment had to offer. He was thriving, and it looked so simple.

I was inspired.

Now when I catch myself in a stream of thoughts — “another cloudy day;” “my back aches;” “why doesn’t Claire do what I ask?” — I pause. I breathe. And in a brief moment of stillness, the dramas lose their power. Instead I can feel a whisper of ease on this cloudy day and more at peace with my achiness. And I’m curious now about my relationship with Claire. So without the resisting or rejecting, I’m free to welcome and reimagine each moment, and, that is truly empowering. By simply saying yes to what is I have set myself free. I may not know what I’ll do next but I do know I own my power – and the wisdom that comes with stillness – to decide.

So like Birch, I discovered that there’s an easy way out of my self-imposed corner. The door is always open. I’m free to go, and when I do, I will be wildly curious and eager to engage in the fullness of each moment.