Susan reading her After Rain book about living upwardIt was two years ago this month that I started in earnest to write my first book, After Rain. It’s funny that I referred to it as “my first book” because I have no plans for a second. But then I didn’t see the first one coming, nor did I know I would feel, even today, awed by the wisdom it holds. So, who knows? Maybe there is another book waiting in the wings. Life is certainly full of surprises. And anything is possible!

Possibilities are the stuff the universe is made of. And they hum out there in the ethers waiting for us to grab on and create what it is we so often “didn’t see coming.” We can miss our chance because we’ve already settled on what we think, or what we expect, or believe to be true, or not true, about ourselves and our lives. I had to let go of my belief that other people write books, not me. I didn’t think I was good with words. It took courage and lots of self-compassion for me to let go of that hard-held belief that writing was not “my thing.” And I did let go because I was curious about me and change and choice. I always am. And I’m optimistic too, because, deep down, I trust myself and know I’m on an incredible journey to live upward.

Writing this book required me to commit to that journey every single day. It was fun and hard and heart-opening. And along the way I discovered joy, gratitude, exhaustion and a deep sense of responsibility for how I participate in this one big, beautiful life I share with all of you.