Listen to your innate urge to grow,
to be challenged and
empowered by self-discovery

Susan Maycock


“We all operate in a zone that suits us, that challenges our sense of adventure just enough…but not too much. It’s often our fears and expectations that determine just how far we will go. And yet, deep down, we all have an innate desire to stretch past those self-imposed limits and explore new territories and challenges….so why resist? Listen to your innate urge to grow, to be challenged and empowered by self-discovery.” from After Rain, by Susan Maycock

Dates: November 2-5, 2023. 4 pm Thursday – noon Sunday, MST
Location: Amigo Motor Lodge, 7350 US-50, Salida, CO 81201 (approximately 2.5 hours southwest of Denver)

Walk the Spirit Path

We invite you to join us this fall to be part of a small group of women ready to journey into self-discovery and the natural world. On this three-night retreat in the heart of the Rocky Mountains you’ll discover new ways to navigate life that feel true and empower you to live that truth. We will nurture our spirits as we settle into the magic of our sacred space, with time to reflect, space to move and meditations to balance.

Your guides on this in-depth journey will be Susan Maycock and Katie McClammer. Susan is the author of After Rain and leader of the Living Upward movement. Katie is a Body, Mind and Spirit guide who focuses on healing through profound connection to the natural world. When Katie and Susan work together they create a unique alchemy for transformational growth. This is an experience you will not want to miss.

Our walk on the spirit path will be grounded in the basic tenets of the Living Upward Movement, a movement into consciousness and community where we discover we can show up in life with the intention to live it fully. We can connect with deeper compassion, give in a spirit of abundance and generosity, and participate in a life larger than just our own. With courage and curiosity, we begin to question our lifetime of beliefs, welcome new possibilities for how we can live and love, and commit to a life of greater joy and purpose. And thus, we live upward and change the world.

Our offerings to you:

  • Creating sacred and safe space for your true self to thrive
  • Making breathwork and meditation easy and fun
  • Transforming self-care routines into empowering rituals for personal growth
  • Exploring pathways to greater compassion for yourself and others
  • Hiking along rivers and trails with a sense of adventure and mindfulness
  • Connecting to the natural world with a deeper sense of awe, gratitude and belonging
  • Balancing body, mind and spirit – your pathway to more freedom, joy and purpose

This experience will include:

  • 3 night stay in an Airstream or hotel room at Amigo Motor Lodge
  • A copy of Susan’s book, After Rain
  • Practical guidance for living a more conscious and spirit-centered life
  • Morning meditations and evening guided journeys
  • Movement in nature with afternoon hikes
  • Downtime for solitude, rest and reflections
  • Dinners that are nourishing and plant-based
What is not included:
  • Transportation
  • Breakfast, lunch and snacks (many stores, shops & restaurants closeby)

Retreat Costs:

  • The total cost is listed with each room option.
  • The retreat experience is $650.
  • Accommodation costs vary based on room choice. See options at registration.
  • A deposit of $500 is due at registration and fully refundable until 9/2.
  • Full payment is due on 10/2/2023.
  • Register early. Spots for this intimate experience are limited.

C o n t a c t  M e


If you have questions, want to schedule an event or to let me know your thoughts on living upward, I am happy to hear from you.



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